The (your) Perfect Breakfast Sandwich

What can I say? Breakfast sandwiches are kind of what we're known for and for good reason as we make ours with care and thought at every step. That's the hallmark of any great culinary creation, care and thoughtfulness. Of course technique is important but that's the basic stuff, after that it's how you exercise that technique that ultimately makes the dish. This is not really a recipe as much as it is a guide to arriving at perfect breakfast sandwich. Let's call it a little inspiration.

Before I cook anything I take a moment to think about what it is I'm trying to create. Flavor: Do I want to showcase the sum of all the parts or do I want to focus on one particular ingredient? If so, in what way? Texture: Are there juxtapositions? Do I want to have layers of different textures? Should there be some crunch in there or should this be creamy or could this have a little bite to it? Appearance: Am I trying to evoke a sense of comfort or am I trying to evoke whimsy or am going for visually stunning?  All of these questions are important because the answers will shape the final dish into what it is and depending on which way you go you will have several very different products. In the case of a breakfast sandwich, for me, it's all about comfort. I remember when I was a kid and my Mother would stop at McDonalds once or twice a month on the way to school so I could get an egg an cheese muffin. As a kid I LOVED it and I still think of it fondly as a treat. So when I make them at home (because nowadays I'm obviously not a fan of McDonalds), I am recreating the "feels" (not necessarily the sandwich).  So, what is the perfect breakfast sandwich? Well, thats subjective but after you've asked yourself the pertinent questions you'll no doubt create it. Here's mine. I start with a really good quality English Muffin, 2 pasture raised eggs, 2 slices of good quality bacon (shameless self promotion: Grace's Fine Foods maple smoke bacon), a thinly sliced green onion and a slice of American cheese ( I know, I know, I know it's PROCESSED but get over yourself, it’s delicious and sometimes you just need what you need). I start by roasting my bacon in the oven (always my preferred method) then I crack my eggs into a bowl and season with a pinch of salt and pepper then I whip them up nicely. Next, I get a nonstick pan nice and hot and throw in a knob of Grass-fed butter and a little dash of olive oil (prevents the butter from burning) and I place my muffins face down in the pan until they're golden brown then flip them and give the other side a good go. They come out and go on the side covered with some foil so they stay warm. Then I turn the heat down to medium-high, re-butter/oil my pan and throw in my green onion for about 10 seconds then pour in my eggs and gently fold them over and over until they're just set and folded to around the same size as the muffin (I LOVE slightly undercooked scrambled egg). That comes out and the top muffin slice goes back in the pan open faced and I lay the piece of cheese over the top and cover it until it's melting over the side of the muffin then I simply place my bacon and eggs on the bottom half and top it off with my cheesy top. It's simplicity itself and it's MY perfect breakfast sandwich. Maybe yours is a fried egg with cheddar cheese or maybe a slice or provolone. Maybe you like ciabatta instead of an English muffin. Maybe you like some sausage or ham on there. Again, all you... Just take a minute before you begin to ponder it and use excellent ingredients and you'll be surprised what you end up with. Promise! Want hash browns with that? Stay tuned!

Bradley Grace