Got any questions? The answer is probably listed below but if it's not just hop over to our "contact us" page and fire away!

Do you cater?

 Sure do! Please reach out through our "contact us" tab with the details and we'll be in touch.

I'm a chef and I think Grace's sausages need to be on my menu. Can I hook that up?

Absolutely! If you want to join forces then simply shoot us an email and we'll be happy to talk turkey with you...or pork.

I'm not a huge pork fan. You make sausage with anything else?

Yes. We offer several chicken sausages such as "The Fez" which is our Moroccan spiced chicken sausage and our "Chicken Pesto" which is made with our yummy spinach pesto. All of our chicken sausages are pork and gluten free.

Do you ship?

At this time we do not ship our product but we are working hard on getting that part of the business up and running and once it is we will let you know through a lengthy and possibly even annoying social media storm that we will make absolutely sure that you cannot possibly miss. Stay tuned.

Are there plans for a storefront?

Yes indeed and we will hopefully have it up and running by late summer of 2017. We will be located in the upcoming Grandview Public Market in Down Town West Palm Beach and will offer everything from different cuts of heritage breed, pasture raised meats cut to order, fresh daily sausage selections and other meaty provisions as well as a daily sandwich menu and prepared foods. It's going to be awesome... Stay tuned!

How long will these sausages last in my fridge?

Our sausages are made fresh each day and we do not use any type of preservatives so you'll want to eat or freeze those little bad boys after 5 days tops. Sausage freezes really well with little to no change in quality.

Why are the sausages at my local grocery store cheaper?

They're likely made in bulk (most likely off premises at an automated production line) utilizing cheap commodity pork along with other cheap ingredients and fillers. At Grace's Fine Foods we make each batch of sausage fresh & 100% by hand using pasture raised heritage breed pork  which unfortunately has a much higher market price than commodity pork. Basically, we are fancy AF but so are you which is why you're here. You get what you pay for.