Grace's Sausages & Fine Foods is a true Farm-to-Table concept that is based on a single guiding principle: 

“Good food comes from good ingredients.”  

The work began four years ago in the basement kitchen of a cramped Brooklyn restaurant...

Chef and owner Bradley James Grace had searched far and wide for a pork sausage reminiscent of the ones his family bought from the local butcher each week in his native Ireland. Disappointed by his fruitless quest for high quality sausage, Bradley began crafting his own recipes. In early 2016, after leaving Brooklyn for the Sunshine State, Bradley launched Grace's Fine Foods with the intention of bringing the local butcher sausage of his youth to the masses.  

To Bradley the venerable sausage is a vessel for endless creativity that allows people to experience a myriad of flavors, both subtle and bold, all in one bite!  Just as important as his dedication to traditional “old school” sausage making is his passionate commitment to sustainable and ethical farming practices. A one-time vegetarian, Bradley's return to eating meat was deeply anchored in the conviction that to be healthful any piece of meat should able to be sourced back to a happy, healthy animal who spends it's life engaged in natural behaviors in a natural environment. Hence he believes in promoting and supporting small farmers or co-op farm groups who engage in the ethical raising of animals. No feed lots. No "factory farms".

Because of these strong convictions Bradley has established business partnerships with farms that operate under the strictest codes of ethical and sustainable farming. The end result is meat that is free of antibiotics, hormones and other adulterants and vastly superior both in quality and taste to the conventional factory-farmed or "commodity" meats which are sadly so ubiquitous in today's marketplace. 

In late 2016 it was announced that Grace's Fine Foods would be joining the list of local vendors to be housed at the upcoming Grandview Public Market set to open in Early 2017 in West Palm Beach's Warehouse District. Grace's will be a full service butcher shop offering an array of heritage breed meats cut to order as well as daily fresh sausage offerings, prepared foods and daily sandwich selections so you can treat yourself and your family to something healthful, nutritious and delicious that has been handcrafted with heart.

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Photo: Ian Jacob

Photo: Ian Jacob